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About Boba Fro


Boba Fro is most recognized as the first bubble tea brand in Ghana. Offering quality tea and service, Boba Fro aims to be the trendsetter in the beverage industry in Ghana. Bubble Tea was accidentally discovered by a Taiwanese, but is now a popular favorite all over the world

A true example of world globalization, Boba Fro offers international standard tea service infused with local flavours to entice the taste buds of our clients and inspire them to the world beyond. The word "Boba Fro" is a fusion of words that represents the inspiration behind the company ("Boba" is the East Asian term for the tapioca pearls it uses in its drinks, and "Fro", the short form of Afro, indicating something pertaining to Africa"). 

Founded in 2017, Boba Fro opened its doors into a moderately saturated beverage industry in Ghana. Aiming to be trendsetters in the beverage industry, Boba Fro works around the following service quality checks:​

  • Fresh Tea brewed every 4 hours

  • Pearl (bubbles) cooked to perfection every 4 hours

  • Tea sourced from the finest Taiwan tea estates

  • Strict quality control for all ingredients

The house specialty which is a hit with local customers is the Jasmine blend with popping strawberry pearls, topped with coconut jelly.

From Taiwan to Accra, Boba Up!

Janet V.

Nerd at heart, brave in the skies

Janet loves the different cultures she has encountered in her life, which led her to bring some back home with her in the form of Bubble Tea from Asia. From salsa & bachata from Latin America, belly dance from the Middle East, Bollywood from India, bubble tea and noodles from Asia to kenkey and shito right from her hometown, she fills every bit of her time exploring and wandering the marvels of her world.

Stacey A.

Modern day explorer and lover of the finer things in life

Stacey has been bitten by the wanderlust and has been bitten hard. Covering three continental stops each year, she ensures that her passport is always in a constant need of renewal. Smart, beautiful and fun to be with, she is always the heart of the party and there is no dull moment with her. Pssss, want to grab a minute of her time? Find a good bottle of port.

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