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Bubble Tea in Ghana

Until a few weeks ago, I had never heard about bubble tea. Apparently, it’s quite popular in Europe which explains why Africans who haven’t travelled outside of the continent wouldn’t know what bubble tea is. My curiosity got the better of me when, surfing through the internet, I chanced open a new bubble tea shop, soon to be opened at East Legon. After some further googling, I learnt quiet a lot about bubble tea and how it’s made. Although bubble tea has its origins from Taiwan, there are several bubble tea shops all over the world…well, not in Ghana until now.

I located BOBAFRO, the new bubble tea shop at East Legon, and I met the owner, Janet Vanderpuye, who I must say is really pleasant. We had a lengthy conversation about the bubble tea shop and she explained that Bobafro is co-owned with her friend, Stacey Amamoo. Both of them are Ghanaians, based in the United States and their appreciation for bubble tea is what gave them the vision to set up a tea shop in Ghana. Janet was quiet optimistic about the new shop and rather enthusiastic to share it with bubble tea lovers in Ghana.

Bobafro now open!

So,I got to taste the three types of base tea on their menu, which included the Green Jasmin tea, the Black tea and the Thai tea. The powdered flavours also included Matcha, Kumquat, Passion fruit and Chocolate. Of course, I had no idea what Matcha or Kumquat was so I tried them all, and yes…they were that good. She also made me try the toppings, which are the black and white pearls or the boba or the bubbles. Yeah, I know…so many names for tapioca pearls. Since I’m quiet used to taking the THIS WAY chocolate drink and the Nescafe’s, it was a nice experience to sample both the fruit tea and the Thai Milk tea….with the black peals of course.

Since not everyone will go for the bubble, tea, they also had smoothies for the smoothie lovers. And yes…I got to sample that too. Will it be your monies worth? Yes…and it’s affordable. And oh….I almost forgot the free wifi. Who doesn’t like free wifi? I know I do, so while you enjoy your bubble tea, you can have access to free wifi. I don’t know about you, but it sounds like a pretty amazing place to check out.

So, that’s it. It’s new and it’s fresh. Bubble tea in Ghana has come to stay and the doors of Bobafro are opened from each day, from Monday to Saturday. Come with your family and have a BOBA-TASTIC week.You can locate BOBAFRO BUBBLE TEA SHOP, at East Legon, opposite the CIG Microfinance, down the Gardens square on the road to the A and C mall.

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