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A Cup to Go

Many a time, i call up my friend and this is how the conversation goes.

"Jenny, I'm bored. Let's go out."

"Go where?"

"I dunno. Just somewhere. It's Christmas/Easter/Homowo, etc. I don't want to stay in the house." I whine.

"Ok, how about the mall?"



"Been there, done that."

"So-so-and-so lounge/bar at East Legon/Cantonments?"

"Have you got lounge money?"

And so the conversation goes until we spend our afternoon/evening doing nothing but stay indoors.

I look at the IG/FB/TWTR feed of my other friends and they seem to be having all the fun. Why can't I find something to do?

As I grew up and travelled a bit, I realized that fun isn't always some party or concert happening somewhere that someone has planned and organized for you. Fun is where you make it. Something as simple as window-shopping in the crowded streets of Makola or a leisure stroll through a bougie pop-up market can both be fun in their own ways.

Bubble tea is the best companion for your adventures. The sealed cups are perfect for preventing spillage while you explore Accra. Take pictures of drinking bubble tea in the most unexpected places; eg strawberry milk tea in the Agbogbloshie spare parts market or passion fruit tea while window shopping in Makola and tag it with #BubbleTeaAccra. Soon your IG/FB feed would look like you are having the best adventure ever right here in Accra.

So, grab a friend and your phone and start snapping! We want to see you showcase your love for bubble tea and Accra.

#Accra #AccraLiving #BubbleTea #BobaFro #FatStrawAccra

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